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What You Can Expect From Us

We have the know-how you need.

Our dedicated team at Care Workshop fully understand that it's all about the personal details and we value that each person is unique. Understanding this uniqueness enables us to develop and carefully shape our support services to each individual. Our care workers are specially trained in order to respect each individuals dignity and that will always be upheld when using Care Workshop services.                                                            

We at Care workshop pride ourselves on parent-centered care, therefore enabling you to enjoy relaxed quality time with your new arrival and not having to worry about finishing the daily chores – because we will happily do those for you!

Here at Care Workshop we care about you and your well being, as well as providing support to your loved one. We offer a respite care package that has been carefully developed to give you, the carer a much needed break. As we fully understand the pressures that you may be under and we are here to happily you and your loved one. Safe in the knowledge that your loved one is receiving the best care possible. Also our respite care can be a valuable and enjoyable experience for your loved one, as it enables them to meet new people, take part in new activities and have a nice change of scenery.

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Responsive and Flexible Availability

Here at Care Workshop we are always striving to further improve our service and ultimately the care provided to our clients. We specialize in the care of

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adults and children, who will have a range of severe conditions. The Care Workshop will always provide a tailor made care package, which is flexible and responsive, based upon a persons individual needs. Since we have been established we have built a strong reputation in the community for providing high care support.

We have a strong belief that when delivering care it must always be approached with the highest level of dignity, experience, sensitivity and always with the highest level of professionalism. We ensure we have a detailed understanding each individuals needs. To ensure that we can communicate with them and the family effectively.

Our specialist care packages enable us to cover all age groups, ranging from small children to elderly people, with various medical conditions. Our packages will always enable clients to live independently and assist them in dealing with their condition, with the right amount of comfort and dignity. The goals of the client is placed at the very heart of our care packages.

Due to our packages being tailor made for each clients needs, we are able to support them soon as they leave the hospital and care for them in their home environment. This also aids the families to enable them to have a short term break, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is well catered for.


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Tailored 24/7 care » Live in Care

‘Home is where the heart is,’ is a saying that makes anybody realize that home is the place where you feel comfortable and most secure.'

The Future

For a person who requires care, their circumstances may dictate a level of intensive round the clock care that only hospitals and care homes can facilitate.

Care Workshop can help provide the care needed in your home environment where you can remain in close contact with your nearest and dearest.  

Contact us at Care Workshop so we can assess your circumstances and prepare a care package that supports your needs.

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Special Needs

Our special needs care service provides specialized care for children and adults with special needs.

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Each of our care packages are based on each individuals personal needs. Our approach is flexible and responsive, and is centered on providing the best level of care for both the client and the family. 

Our care packages will allow our carers to build a close relationship with the client and the family. This enables them to always be happy, have personal security and increased confidence.

This will be achieved through educating the client and the family. Helping them gain employment and taking part in a variety of activities.


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Supported Living

Care Workshop team understand the importance of being independent and self-sufficient. 

The simplicity of paying bills and accessing public 

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for granted by most. These tasks for persons with specific needs can indeed be challenging and daunting to undertake. A tailored supported living services package can be put together. This specialized service will allow people to carry on living in their own homes, without the need of moving into an assisted living facility.  

Ways For Us To Help You:

The support we offer is wide ranging and is based upon each person's individual needs.

Personal Care
General Household Tasks
Ensure Medication is Taken
Encouraging Social and Leisure Activities 
Ensuring Healthy living choices are always provided 
Care Workshop team understand the uniqueness of every individual. The package aims to help our customers integrate within the community with the support of a trusted mentor. 

The support we offer is wide ranging and is based upon each person's individual needs.

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